The nightlife in Skopje Macedonia

There are people who never understand why the rush about nightlife and night fun while abroad. I’m not one of those. While some find more attractiveness in going out for a drink during the day or drinking coffee near the city square before visiting the museums, I want them night parties. And don’t get me wrong here- while Skopje has lot to offer in almost every cultural department, so to speak, it is very loud and crowded when nightlife comes to discussion.

A man walks near trees illuminated with Christmas lights

Skopje, like all the other Balkan capitols, is a city of people with Mediterranean temperament. People who want to sing, dance, drink and have fun. Now mix that with the urban and modern face of Skopje, and what you get is a very refined night stage. Pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants, all contributing to make Skopje a true heaven for party and going out during the evenings.

Clubs and discos are also very vibrant and loud, making Skopje a city that doesn’t intent to sleep during night hours.

Places where you can have fun

Starting the evening, you can pick between a large ranges of different atmospheres. Restaurants serve great food, amazing Macedonian wine, and play traditional music. Bars are more urban, where you can have your drink while listening to some hip Macedonian bands, or some ethno jazz. The old bazar, especially in summer, has a lot to offer in this regard.

As a cherry on the cake, you have kafanas, places that only Balkan people intend to understand, where you will have lots of fun, especially if it’s your first time in one of them. Kafanas are restaurants-like locals, which serve great food and beverage, and where Macedonian music is being played by life bands, more often than not using acoustic, ethno instruments. People in Macedonia start almost every party, especially special occasions in these places.

Continuing the night

The party, then, moves elsewhere, usually in clubs and discos, and these you have many. In summer especially, when all the outdoor discos are up and running, it seems as though the entire city is having fun.

DJs from abroad, some renowned Macedonian names as well, and live bands all take turns to create a very vibrant and life atmosphere. The party, thus, usually continues somewhere around dawn.

The old bazaar, mostly in the summer, offers many locations where great parties are taking place. The city park with a more of a laid back atmosphere is the place where some decide to party, and you can see a hipster-like atmosphere, where the whole of the park is crowded and alive.

Great place that I will also recommend is the one called Vidikovec, located upwards in the forest park Vodno, from where you can have a look at the city; an amazing sight and one that you cannot see elsewhere. This place though is sightseeing only, and you can have your beer, the party is still waiting down there in the city.

The crowd

Macedonians are cool people, urban and modern folks, and they know how to have fun. The discos are crowded mostly by younger generations, usually around their mid-twenties or less, and the atmosphere is crazy. If you are here during the spring or summer, expect to have many places where you can go out, and expect the party to last longer than you can handle.

Weekends are usually packed full and crowded with people, especially the younger generations, while work days of the week are less about fuzz, and more about great atmosphere and older generations. Nonetheless, the nightlife in Skopje is always on, and it is way different than what you’d expect in smaller citites.