Things to do in Skopje, Macedonia

If you are looking for a place that is not yet fully discovered by tourists then Skopje is the right place for you. In the past year the number of tourists that have visited Skopje has doubled, but this city is still a mystery for most foreigners. The capital of Macedonia has started to attract visitors from every corner of the world and one of the main reasons for this is because there are few new attractions that were built in the past few years which made the old ones shine too. This is a list of some of the favorite things to do and places to visit in Skopje.

Skopje Macedonia - View From Airplane 1

Stone Bridge

This is one of the most famous bridges in the Balkans. Although it is still unclear whether the Byzantine and Roman Emperor Justinian I built it in the 6th century or the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror built it in the 15th century the fact is that this bridge is really old and has witnessed some remarkable historic events. For example, this bridge is very close (less than a mile) to the place where Mother Theresa was born. This is also the place when one of the most notable freedom fighters against the Ottoman rule called Karposh was executed. The Bridge Was reconstructed about 10 years ago.

The Skopje Fortress

The Skopje Fortress is less than a mile from the Stone Bridge. This is another structure that is centuries old. The archeological research that took place less than a decade ago confirmed that there were people who lived in this area some 6.000 years ago. The Skopje Fortress is now reconstructed, but it is still opened for visitors.

The Church of St. Mary (Sredno Vodno)

This church is located on the slopes of Vodno mountain. Although it was built in the 13th century, the church was destroyed in 1955 and rebuilt in 2010. The area around the church is very beautiful and people use it for recreation and picnics. There is a hotel with a restaurant next to the church.

Skopje aqueduct

Although this ancient aqueduct is not located within the metropolitan area it is very close to it. Skopje aqueduct is located in the village of Vizbegovo some 10 km from the center of Skopje. This aqueduct was built in the middle of the 6th century during the reign of Justinian I. The aqueduct was mentioned in the work of many medieval travelers and it was intensively used during the Ottoman period.

Philip II Square

This square was renovated in 2013 and it is located just before the entrance of the Old Bazaar. It was named after Philip II of Macedonia one of the greatest kings of Ancient Macedonia. This square is a complex of four different fountains and the fountain dedicated to Philip II dominates the area (it is 28 meters high). Visitors can also notice the sculpture of Olympia – the mother of Alexander the Great. This square is in the center between several important structures in Skopje – the Old Theater, the Archeological Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle and the Church of St. Dimitrij.